About Us

Child looking out the window for the Tooth FairyChildren are a wonderful gift from an amazing God!

You already know this and, like us, you enjoy their gleaming smiles when they receive something truly special. That’s the purpose of this website.

My daughter and I have embarked on a journey to provide unique creations from the Tooth Fairy for all to enjoy. She’s the dreamer, stylist and design adviser. I’m the kid that never grew up, running the technical side of the business and product development.

The children grow up so fast and I truly miss my kids running across the room when I walked in the house to give me a hug (more like tackled). Oh the birthdays, holidays, vacations, pools, movies, scouts, water parks, theme parks, camps, sports, school plays…….tiring yet invigorating as we stay young through their adventures. So many great memories were the catalyst for creating something fun and exciting for others.

Each individual creation found here will help you capture some of those priceless memories to last a lifetime. We truly hope you enjoy these Tooth Fairy letters and certificates as much as we enjoy creating them for you!