Printing Tooth Fairy Letters

tooth character printer ink

Your Tooth Fairy letter/certificate deserves to look its best, so here are some helpful printing tips and examples.

Remember, your printer menu could differ from what we’re showing here.

1. All printer settings should be set automatically when you open your letter/certificate in your software program.

Be sure to check ink levels before printing your letter/certificate.

ink levels to print tooth fairy letters

2. If your letter/certificate does not print correctly, start here:

Click the “Page Layout” tab, then click on “Orientation”.
Make sure the proper selection is made for Portrait or Landscape.

printer orientation setting to print tooth fairy letters

3. If you’re still not able to print correctly, try the following:

Click File > Print

select file then print

4. Then click:

“Printer Properties”

printer properties to use with tooth fairy letters

5. Check your “Layout” to make sure it’s set to the correct setting:

Portrait or Landscape

selest portrait or landscape printing

6. Select the Paper & Quality tab to make sure:

* Quality is set to “Best”
* Selection set to “Color”

Please contact us if you’re still having print issues after trying these steps.