How the Tooth Fairy Letters and Certificates work – Quick Start Guide

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Follow along with the slides to see how this works.


Use on computer or mobile devices with these compatible programs.

WPS Office

WPS Office - FREE

Word® & Office 365®

Choose and purchase

Browse and select your letter and/or certificate.


Download and personalize, changing any part of the message.

edit selected text

Print and place near child.

select file then print
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This quick start guide shows you how the Tooth Fairy letters and certificates can be downloaded, personalized and printed right now. For more detailed explanations, visit the Help Center or Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Needed software

Make sure you have one of the following software programs on your computer or mobile device:

  • Browse and select
  • Select your Tooth Fairy letters and/or certificates in the Shop, then proceed through the checkout process.
  • Once processed, you will receive an email with link(s) to download your item(s).
    • Download and Personalize
    • One of the great things about our Tooth Fairy letters is that you can edit any part of the message. This includes font style, text size, color, deleting text or adding text. It’s all up to you!
    • Use the included message as a guideline. If you need more ideas for a message from the Tooth Fairy, click here.
    • Print and place near child

    A couple of important steps when printing include:

    • Make sure Quality is set to “Best”.
    • Selection is set to “Color”.

    Now print out this wonderful treasure and put it somewhere the child will see it upon waking. If you need more help with printing your Tooth Fairy letter or certificate, click here.

    • Need more help?

    We have loads of help with downloading, personalizing and printing Tooth Fairy letters and certificates.

    There’s also detailed information about international orders, the licensing agreement and our refund policy.

    See the Help CenterFrequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us if you can’t find answers to your questions.